In Loveland, law enforcement officers are required to make mandatory arrests when domestic violence occurs, even if no one presses charges. If convicted, the alleged offender could face many consequences including an arrest for domestic violence, the issuance of a protection order, and a permanent record.  The protection order, if issued, would prevent the accused party from returning home if it is shared with the alleged victim.

Let a Loveland domestic violence lawyer help if you have been accused of threatening or causing harm to another. Jenn and Justie at Colorado Lawyer Team could assist you with preventing a temporary protection order from being made permanent. Speak to our criminal defense legal team to discuss your legal rights, case, and options.

What is Considered Domestic Violence in Loveland?

Domestic violence is committed in when someone inflicts or threatens to inflict an act of violence on a partner from a current or past intimate relationship. Under the law, intimate relationships include relationships between current or former spouses, unmarried couples who are or were dating, and individuals who are parents of the same child, even if the parents never lived together or were never married. Consult an attorney who understands the domestic violence laws in Loveland for further clarification about what constitutes an intimate relationship. Domestic violence is not limited to physical acts of violence against an intimate partner. Committing any other crime or municipal ordinance violation against a past or present intimate partner can also be charged as domestic violence when the crime or violation is committed for revenge or for the purpose of coercing, controlling, or intimidating the other individual.

Sentencing in Loveland Domestic Violence Cases

Sentencing in Loveland domestic violence cases can include additional sanctions on top of the original charges. For instance, a defendant convicted for assaulting a spouse could be fined and sentenced to a jail or prison term for the offense and could be additionally sanctioned because the crime was alleged as an act of domestic violence. This is because the assault was committed against an intimate partner. In domestic violence cases, a defendant can be court-ordered to participate in and complete a treatment program for individuals identified as domestic violence offenders.  These treatment programs are intense, oftentimes up to one year! Additionally, individuals charged with domestic violence can also be required to relinquish any guns or ammunition in their possession. The court might also prohibit the purchase of any new firearms or ammunition for a specified period. Individuals convicted of domestic violence at least four times are identified as habitual domestic violence offenders and can face elevated criminal charges for additional offenses. For example, committing a misdemeanor offense that includes an act of domestic violence can be charged as a class 5 felony, which could result in a person being sentenced to prison for one to three years, fined up to one hundred thousand dollars, and be placed on parole for two years following imprisonment. A defense lawyer who handles domestic violence cases in Loveland could explain the penalties that could be imposed in a specific situation.

Contact a Loveland Domestic Violence Attorney

Any altercation with a current or former intimate partner, including threatening comments that did not result in any physical harm, could result in criminal charges for assault and domestic violence. If you are accused of a domestic violence offense, it is best to speak with a Loveland domestic violence lawyer. An attorney who knows domestic violence laws could provide essential legal guidance. Call today to learn more about how Justie and Jenn could help defend your rights.