Getting charged for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol does not make you a hardened criminal. Your charge could be a mistake by the arresting officer or over-exaggerated by the prosecution. In any case, getting a first-time DUI charge in Loveland could have a negative impact on your future if you are not properly represented.

Because of this, it is highly advised to enlist the help of The Colorado Lawyer Team. Our DUI defense attorneys know the ins and outs of cases like yours, and they are ready to defend you and protect your rights.

Where are First-Time DUI Charges Heard?

First-time charges for driving under the influence in Loveland are typically heard in one of two courtrooms in the Loveland – Larimer County Court. The address for it is 810 10th Street. This building houses the Larimer County Courts for Loveland, Loveland Municipal Court and the Loveland Police Department. Once you enter the building, you must go through security (There are strict rules concerning what can be brought into the courthouse). There are two courtrooms in the hallway directly in front on your left. For more information about where to go for your DUI charge, talk to a diligent attorney now. There will also be a hearing with the DMV if the blood / breath test is over the legal limit. This could determine whether your license will be revoked. This requires immediate action after you are charged. This process is different than the court process and had more immediate deadlines. Look at the paperwork given to you by the police. There are important dates and information that an attorney can help you review. Calling our Colorado Lawyer Team immediately after the arrest is important to understand the DMV process.

Prosecutors and a First-Time Charges for Driving Under the Influence

How Larimer County Deputy District Attorneys for Loveland handle first-time charges for a DUI depends on the facts of the case. Without an accident or very high blood alcohol concentration (BAC), they will typically look at probation, which is somewhere between a year and two years. The probation generally includes around 48 hours of community service, a Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Victim Impact Panel, and alcohol  classes. Generally, a first-time DUI offense does not have a jail sentence tacked on unless the defendant is convicted of having BAC over 0.2. However, understand jail is a possible penalty in all DUI cases. There will also be court costs and fines.

Defending against a First-Time DUI Offense in Loveland

Loveland DUI lawyers build their defenses for first-time charges by looking for constitutional issues with the stop. Some of the things they look for include:

  • Whether there was reasonable suspicion for stop
  • If the arresting officer had probable cause to invoke express consent
  • Whether the defendant passed the roadside test
  • If there are medical issues that would explain the lack of balance
  • Whether there were problems with the breath or blood test
The defense attorney looks at all of these factors, and many more, every time they represent a client in DUI case. With a combined decades of DUI defense work, our legal team looks for a long list of factors, depending on the facts of the actual case.

Connect with an Attorney about First-Time DUI Charges in Loveland

Just because you were accused of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, does not mean you are guilty. The Colorado Lawyer Team is ready to protect you and guide you through the court and DMV process.

Our defense attorneys know the details of the law so that you do not have to. They have your best interest in mind as they negotiate with prosecutors, gather evidence on your behalf, and defend you in court. For more information about how our legal team could help you with your first-time DUI charge in Loveland, call our virtual office now.