Driving under the influence in Colorado could have serious consequences. A person from out of state faces the same penalties for driving under the influence (DUI) as a person who lives throughout the Greenwood Village. This could include community service, alcohol classes, probation, and alcohol suspension. Jenn and Justie at Colorado Lawyer Team could help you mitigate the consequences.

If you have been charged with driving under the influence while out of state, let a knowledgeable DUI attorney help. A Greenwood Village out of state license DUI lawyer could help you build a defense.

Understanding the National Driver Registry

A National Driver Registry (NDR) is a system that oversees all the different states’ DMVs and all the different states’ driving procedures. It maintains compliance from state to state so that each state is communicating with other states. Some cases that do not go through the NDR can mean that a person whose license is suspended in Colorado is still able to drive in their home state. The NDR is designed to fix that.

If a person’s DUI has been reported to their home state by the NDR, their license could be suspended in their state until they become compliant in Colorado. Basically, Colorado law states, “You have to do A, B, and C in order to lift the suspension in Colorado” and their home state tells them that they must become compliant with Colorado before their home state will lift the suspension.

DUI Laws Throughout Greenwood Village

From jurisdiction to jurisdiction, judges will sentence people differently on the first offense, second offense, and third offense DUIs. Once they get to the fourth offense, at the charge is a felony. Some jurisdictions in Larimer County tend to be lenient, though it depends on the judge. There are some jurisdictions such as Denver, Weld County, and Jefferson County that are very strict on second offense DUI and subsequent DUI charges.

Driving While Impaired

A DWAI charge is less than a DUI charge, and the BAC limit for that charge is 0.05 rather than the DUI limit of 0.08. If an out-of-state person is convicted, they plead guilty to DWAI, they still will be subject to the same probation as a DUI. They will have to do that out of state. However, the license might not become an issue because the DMV will not take their license unless their BAC is over 0.08. If they are under 0.08, their license will not get revoked, which means their license will not get revoked in their state. However, this depends on the strictness of their state versus Colorado.

Schedule a Consultation With a Greenwood Village Out of State License DUI Attorney

A seasoned attorney can help an out of state driver by coming up with defenses. They would approach this case the same way that they would approach a case in Colorado. If they are convicted or are planning on pleading guilty to a DUI or DWAI, attorneys can facilitate the consequences to happen out of state so that it is a lot easier on the person. Probation will sometimes make people move to Colorado.

Having an experienced attorney will help the person maintain their employment and do what they need to do in their state while dealing with this conviction. Sometimes, an attorney can appear in court for them and can facilitate a lot of the case without them being in Colorado. Sometimes, the court will make the person come to every court hearing. Let a skilled Greenwood Village out of state license DUI lawyer help you build a defense. Call Justie and Jenn at Colorado Lawyer Team to discuss your case.